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Dolores Bears CrossFit

Dolores Bears CrossFit

CrossFit in Dolores

by Taylor Chavez, Fall 2020

Crossfit is a high intensity interval training, focusing on strength and conditioning, that is made up of very high intensity workouts. These workouts contain simple body movements like, push ups, sit ups, squats, and weight lifting but at a very high intense speed. The instructor for our first ever crossfit classes is John Mckenry. He is very excited this school year to work with the high school and middle school students. As for John Mckenry himself, he is a very good crossfitter. I asked John a few questions on how the students are interacting. Dolores Bears CrossFit- “So far the students have jumped right in and soaked up everything that I can tell about CrossFit. We just now starting to work on our basics (had to work around school testing) I want the students to have a base knowledge of movements that stem from Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, and the many different options of cardiac output. The motto of CrossFit is "Constantly varied, High Intensity, functional fitness" CrossFit uses the spirit of competition in a group setting to make working out fun. Last year I only had MS students and we made a lot of gains. This year I now have HS students, and I can't wait to share CrossFit with them. Everyday I hear students tell me they want to be in my class. That makes me feel like I can make a difference.”

by Sam Castillo, Spring 2020

Dolores High School received a CrossFit grant, which will offer an opportunity for a CrossFit team. The grant, written by John McHenry, gives $8,000 to improve the current DHS weight room to kick it off the programt. Coach McHenry, a certified CrossFit instructor, plans on using the money for new equipment. His goals for this group is to teach the community, students, and others willing to participate in different forms of health and fitness, other than the sports we are exposed to at school. CrossFit is scalable fitness, which means that it is for everyone! As of right now, this program is called Functional Fitness, and will later be changed to CrossFit. Middle and high school students, staff, and community members will be open to this program once it is established and the fine details are worked out. Next school year, students will be allowed to have this as part of their schedule, but will not be a credit class. What we do know is that there will be no fee for anyone interested. In the future there will be a possibility of fundraising and competing, which will take place during town events, such as, Escalante Days and River Days. There will be a possible opportunity for students who do not have time in their schedules to participate, but are adamant on joining in the “zero-hour”. The zero-hour will possibly take place before and/or after school hours.

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